Welcome spring ....welcome all ... enjoy your spring and stay tuned for more updates guaranteed to be coming soon @ Ya'll !



Hello, to all who maybe reading this blog and its posts, our primary shop- website or webstore,, is currently in the works, please be patient with us through this process. By june 2012, this blog should be a fully ran blog complete with pics and all !!!! Our primary webstore should be available subsequentially after this blog is up and fully running, till then follow us and pass it on! Thanks in advance :-) ! !

 We are currently seeking generous donations in the process of establishing our brand label in the way we wanted to since the beginning ,and so we are taking a break from our initial intro'ed outfits and are revamping our signature in order to stand by our quality,beauty and standard policy please be paient with us as we only would like to give the absolute best for your little duchess. if you would like to donate and assist us in out journey to providing beautiful, high quality, dresses and outfits you can only dream of for your little duchess.clothes fit for royalty in today and the yesteryears  with inspiration and made of materials from all over the world !!

if you cannot dontate at the time please help us by passing on the word and joining this blog,and our e-mailing list in order to stay abreast of when we finally launch and recieve special offers when we do~!
Once you've donated please give your contac info so that we may be able to properly thank you once we are esablished soon!

Welcome to (Drum Roll)....Kapriscli and Bademjaan!!

Hi everyone this is an exciting occasion for me to be opening up a blog for my beautiful bag and clothing brand Kapriscli and Bademjaan!. I hope you as well as everyone enjoy the good ole fashioned hard work that'll be spewed out on this blog, the random thoughts and i anticipate being able to jump start this amazing venture. So lets get blogging'!!!
please feel free to comment(please be nice), rate and give compliments and suggestions to me.if you are interested in one of the products displayed, Do not hesitate to contact me