Welcome spring ....welcome all ... enjoy your spring and stay tuned for more updates guaranteed to be coming soon @ Ya'll !


Hello world!

Hello Universe! Welcome to the Wonderful, whimsical world of Kapriscli and Bademjaan!! 
This blog is meant to share the Adventures and Happenings of my Whimsical bag brand Kapriscli and the other, Bademjaan, the brand to go to for your little girls dresses.Follow US, Fan US, And Be Prepared to take the ride of your Life Time in the eyes of Kapriscli!!!

Welcome to (Drum Roll)....Kapriscli and Bademjaan!!

Hi everyone this is an exciting occasion for me to be opening up a blog for my beautiful bag and clothing brand Kapriscli and Bademjaan!. I hope you as well as everyone enjoy the good ole fashioned hard work that'll be spewed out on this blog, the random thoughts and i anticipate being able to jump start this amazing venture. So lets get blogging'!!!
please feel free to comment(please be nice), rate and give compliments and suggestions to me.if you are interested in one of the products displayed, Do not hesitate to contact me